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NHS Solicitor attempts to gag CHC whistleblowers

John Tippett Cooper ( sent a message using
the contact form at

Dear Sirs

CHC4all – website content

We act for NHS England, which has a key role in co-ordinating NHS Continuing
Healthcare (“NHS CHC”) in the NHS.

It has been brought to our attention that your website operated by CHC4all contains very
concerning content in which serious allegations are made about NHS CHC
assessors and
1 year 11 months ago

'Dedicated' nurse wins payout after receiving threats for blowing whistle

 A “dedicated and hardworking” nurse who blew the whistle about patient safety has won more than £80,000 in compensation after she was unfairly targeted for speaking out by her former employer.
An employment tribunal ruled that Allied Healthcare Group had unfairly dismissed Elaine Fernandez and subjected her to poor treatment, when she raised concerns about service changes affecting the care of a patient.
“When you are not listened to about patient safety concerns it is really hard and you feel
2 years 2 months ago

Is active non-voluntary euthanasia on grounds of cost murder?

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The 'Continuing Care' Silence

There is a silence now that you have gone
Somewhere - who knows where?
A silence of your suffering, your laughter,
Your excitement, your enjoyment of food.
A silence of your telephone calls, our lunches,
Your family get togethers, the Christmas puddings.
A silence of birthday cards, Sunday roasts,
Shopping trips, seaside walks and ice cream.
A silence filled with my children's laughter,
Summer picnic days and your flower garden.
A silence of your dementia voice, muddled
And forgetful in your inhabited, twilight world.
A silence of your tears and requests to go home
To safety and your memories

Top Ten Tips - Preparing for CHC assessment

1. Take somebody with you purely to take notes.( in particular to take note of names of all those present).
2. Don't sign anything unless you are ABSOLUTELY certain what it is you are signing.
3. If not already provided to you, insist on a copy of the "local protocol" as outlined in Appendix G of the National Framework.
4. Tell the assessors up-front that you understand that they are NOT allowed to ask any questions relating to finance or property.
5. Make sure that the
2 years 7 months ago

Your right to free nursing care from the NHS under UK Law and the Coughlan case

The following frame contains the website.

2 years 8 months ago

National Socialism (AKA Nazism) is alive and well in 21st century Britain

Swastika emblem of an evil regime

Forget Lord "Haw-Haw", Brownshirts, Oswald Moseley, Hitler, Goebells and all those 20th century so called "National Socialists" - 21st century Britain is proving to be a safe-haven for those of similar views and their murderous policies.

75+ years ago in Nazi controlled Europe the 'best interests' of society (Aktion T4) were driven by the suedo-science of ''Eugenics' which ultimately led to the "Final Solution".

Goebells- Architect of the Final Solution
Today in Britain the heroes of resistance to that evil perversion are fast dying out and

2 years 8 months ago

Introduction to NHS Continuing Healthcare

This e-learning session by the NHS provides a basic explanation of the legal background to NHS Continuing Healthcare, defines key terms, introduces the learner to the national tools and outlines the overall process for considering eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare.


2 years 8 months ago

New Year same old problem

Blow the whistle on scandalous attempts to defraud the elderly

Back in 2006 the BBC Panorama programme The national homes swindle: A growing scandal brought the CHC scandal to the nations attention.

Here we are almost eight years later, changes to law, national frameworks and ruling party and still nothing seems to have changed

If you are a victim of this appalling travesty of justice fill out our short questionnaire to enable us to put the case for urgent reform before the Government Ombudsman.

2 years 8 months ago